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Violet Elementary Daily Response to Intervention Plan

 At Violet Elementary, we believe that all students can learn at high levels and we take responsibility to ensure that all students learn. We have embraced a curriculum   that clearly defines learning standards at every grade level. We have frequent and formative common assessments to measure student learning of these standards.

We participate/collaborate in Professional Learning Communities (PLC’s) on a regular basis.   During these collaborative times we look at student assessment data including:  NWEA MAP Assessments, Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy (DIBELS), Individual Student Reading Records, and various grade level math assessments.  From this ongoing assessment data and students response to class work, we designate interventions that are needed to support each student’s growth.

In order to ensure that all students are mastering the curriculum, we have created extra support for all learners during a daily Intervention time at all grade levels in the areas of English Language Arts and Math.  Our interventions are researched based, implemented with fidelity and administered with highly trained and qualified staff. Some interventions include delivering instruction in a smaller group, presenting smaller skill steps, providing more practice, providing more explicit modeling and instruction and providing greater scaffolding. 

During the daily grade level Response to Intervention (RtI) time, all students in the grade will be divided into support groups among nine highly qualified staff. Some students will remain in the classroom, some students will receive intervention with the Title 1 staff and some students will receive support with our Intervention Specialists. Student groups will be fluid as skills are mastered. All students progress will be monitored closely.

The commitment of the Lake Shore Public School District to provide such a great amount of support for our students is exemplary.  The district is committed to the success of each student.